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The Insider electronic newsletter keeps agency executives and decision-makers well-informed with monthly announcements about policies, events, critical meetings, and people affecting the behavioral health field so you can make informed decisions in the management of your programs. In addition, the Insider shares information about funding opportunities, research findings, and other “best practice” initiatives. Members receive periodic Legislative Alert emails providing updates on state and federal public policy activities in the behavioral health field. A Legislative Alert may direct you to take action to express your concerns and requests to the administrative and/or legislative branches.

Special emails announcing upcoming webinars, workshops, conferences and other training events and activities are broadcast to all members to facilitate widespread knowledge of ongoing efforts to provide our substance abuse and mental health professionals with the tools and information they need. Research Booklets are available for a nominal fee through the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association.  The materials highlight the dynamics of addiction, the effectiveness of treatment and the costs offsets of treatment to the workplace, healthcare, criminal justice and child welfare system.

FBHA provides both Full Agency Members and Full Individual Members a subscription to Industry Insider Magazine and the flip side publication of Counselor Magazine. This publication is the official magazine of FBHA. It is a national, peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication that features in-depth articles written by top experts in the behavioral health field. One side caters exclusively to executives with features on workforce, operations, and budgetary priorities while the other side is dedicated to addiction and mental health professionals with articles on professional development, alternative therapies, and practical advice.


FBHA recognizes knowledge and professionalism is the key to providing quality service. A wide variety of web-based and on-site trainings, events, and conferences are offered to all members.  FBHA’s professional development series is designed and delivered in affiliation with the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association and in partnership with organizations such as the Florida Department of Children and Families; the Florida Council for Community Mental Health; and other statewide associations, coalitions, and certificate programs. 

For more detailed information on professional development opportunities please see:

Webinars and Workshops
Annual Conference


FBHA’s Job Board is a listing of job openings in the substance abuse field in Florida. See instructions for information on how to post a vacancy at your organization. The application for positions with FBHA and FADAA can be downloaded here: FBHA/FADAA Job Application.

Job Board

Disclaimer notice: All job posting content is provided by the soliciting organization. Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association is not responsible for missing or inaccurate data.


Each FBHA membership benefit must pass our test before release and publication to you. We hold each new service or affinity partnership accountable by asking these questions: how does the service, product, or partnership benefit our members; what do members gain by receiving the product or service through us they could not find elsewhere; does the service or partner company hold the same values in advancing behavioral health; will it benefit many members rather than a select few; and what initiatives has a company done to champion the forward progress of behavioral health.

The selection of benefits chosen is intended to enable members to uphold exceptional quality and professional client services while competitively positioning their agencies for the future. We encourage you to take an active role in your membership by utilizing the resources that are available to you through FBHA and our selection process.