Agency Membership

Full Agency or Company Membership:

Qualifications: Any agency or company licensed by the State of Florida as a hospital or a provider of services in the the areas of alcohol use disorders and mental health disorders  with a focus on prevention, treatment, education, and recovery.  The Full Agency member shall be eligible for membership benefits to include:

  • Dual Membership into the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association
  • Listing on FBHA Directory Page
  • Public Policy Advocacy and Leadership
  • Membership and Listing in the National Council of Behavioral Health
  • FBHA Division Committee or Committees
  • Networking
  • Workforce Development and Trainings
  • Eligibility for Election to the FBHA Board of Directors
  • Monthly Insider Newsletter
  • Discounts to FBHA and FADAA Events and Conferences
  • Awards of Excellence Program
  • Add Your Employees to our list of Individual Members
  • Determine Your Email needs from FBHA by Category   
Full Agency Membership Application