The Florida Behavioral Health Association (FBHA) formed in April of 2013 as a 501(c)6. The concept for FBHA originated from members of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (FADAA). FADAA members wanted an association that worked in tandem with the existing FADAA structure, but that also stood independently as a business-league organization.

The purpose of FBHA is to unite people engaged in the business of behavioral health and behavioral medicine with a specific focus on promoting legislation, funding, and policies that recognize and advance behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery. FBHA also serves as a liaison on the state and federal levels by working with other professional organizations to promote the advancement of behavioral health and to increase the image and exposure of the behavioral health industry.

The goals of FBHA are achieved through five FBHA Divisions. Each division concentrates in a targeted area of behavioral health need. The smaller scope of topic within each division allows for more agile legislative change for division members and larger successes in public policy.

Membership into FBHA is elected through the Board of Directors or by a Committee of Admissions appointed by the Board of Directors following an application submitted by the company, organization, or individual requesting membership.